The Zoolander of the surf industry

Author: Mick Slattery   Date Posted:16 November 2016 

Trying to look natural when you have cameras and lights pointing at you is harder than it seems

We had the funniest morning down at Stanwell Park Beach today, our local beach under 5 minutes from the factory door. The local magazine had set up a phot shoot with legendary photographer Anthony Warry for an upcoming feature article and cover story on Surefire Boards & myself (Mick Slattery) as head shaper designer.


Anthony knew what he was doing, setting up lighting and arranging the surfboards & SUP's in a nice layout, it was only once the photos started rolling that I got all nervous and stiff

So this is me trying to look "natural" 


It was fricken hilarious, it went something like this

"Mick, look natural" not like that, just you look super uncomfortable, just stand like you usually stand"


Me: "Um.....I don't know how I usually stand, I've never had to think about it"


"Well, relax and, a natural smile, ok, um, maybe look more look too mean......ok maybe just gaze out to sea as if you are checking the that how you check the surf? relax....ok maybe put your hands by your side,....on your hips......think smile and approachable........hmmmmm"


Bahahahaha, needed to channel Zoolander or something, The guys were just cracking up at me. It's bloody hard to act normal with lights and cameras on you. Some of shots I thought I was all cool and relaxed but looking at these few behind the scenes photos I can see if I was any more wooden I would be a tree. I have a new found respect to people who do this for a living. All I can hope is that there is a few hidden jems of shots between all the uncomfortable ones that will get a run in the magazine.

Stay Tuned


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