Why buy a custom board?

Author: Mick Slattery   Date Posted:2 August 2016 

Custom Surfboards:
We have a huge range of production shapes and designs, but these boards can't cater for everybody, nor do we know what waves you want to surf with your board. At Surefire Boards we design each custom board based on your weight, surfing ability, what volume you require and where you will be surfing.
We can tweak an existing shape or work closely with you to design your perfect board. We also do artwork and board sprays for those who want to punk it up a little.....or a lot.

Get the right shape - size and volume board that suits your needs


Custom SUP
A Custom SUP was thought to be reserved only for the best of the best, but recently more and more people are realising that they are in fact the best way to push your surfing to the next level and beyond. 
A custom SUP is probably more important than a custom surfboard as we still need to have enough volume to float us, yet be refined enough that they still surf like a shortboard, or longboard, or whatever your preference may be.

At Surefire Boards we have been designing, testing and refining our shapes, outlines and bottom curves since 2009 to bring you the best boards on the market. 100% Australian made and designed specifically to suit your needs we have had a 100% success rate with customers telling us they are the fastest and most responsive boards they have ever ridden. The proof is in the pudding.