Our Shapers - Mick Slattery

Mick Slattery - Head Designer/Shaper at Surefire Boards

I still remember the first time I ever picked up a surfboard, we were on holidays down the South Coast and had stopped off at a garage sale. There was an old single fin surfboard for $5 that I talked my Dad into buying for me.....I must have been about 5 or 6 years of age. I remember the board was very heavy for me, but I picked it up, put it under my arm, then put the nose on the ground and looked down the length of the board to check out the curve and the shape of it. 

Since that day every board I have picked up or ridden; I have studied every part of the board to work out why certain shapes, curves and edges work the way they do on different types of waves and conditions, which is why we have shapes that work in every condition. 

I have shaped with some of the best in the business, and still like to collaborate with my piers and talk design and construction, sharing what I know.

In 2009 I started to paddle board to at least get out in the waves when it was too small to surf, but quickly realised that the designs were lacking in surfability......They were heavy and bogged when turning.
I started designing and shaping SUP boards based on everything I had learnt from shaping surfboards & quickly realised how well the right designed board could perform in everything from 0.5ft to triple overhead.

I continue to search for new designs, shapes and manufacturing techniques & high tech materials so we can bring you the most up to date boards on the market.